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How to Cancel Vuka Ukhanye Nursing School Qualification


How Can I Cancel Vuka Ukhanye Nursing School Subject?

According to Vuka Ukhanye Nursing School, you will incur both the first and second payments if you cancel a module after a specific date. You are still responsible for making the first and second installments.

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How to immediately remove Vuka Ukhanye Nursing School Modules

Vuka Ukhanye Nursing School has the procedures for canceling modules listed below.


To remove a subject, click the “Subjects Cancellation option,” then click twice on the qualification that is marked in blue (NDMCHE in the example above), and finally click the subject (s).


Before continuing, you must choose a reason for canceling each of the subjects. After doing so, click the “Save Subject Cancellation button.”


If you want to cancel ALL your subjects, then use the “Qualification Cancellation option.”


Before canceling modules, please review the Student Rules section on “exclusion from the study.”


THE HIGHER LEVEL SUBJECT WILL ALSO BE CANCELED AT THE SAME TIME as the lower level subject if the lower level subject you are canceling is a prerequisite for it.

If you are unable to cancel the subject, such as if it is past the cancellation date or you already have results for the subject, a red cross is displayed.

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