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Edu College APS 2023/2024

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Edu College APS 2023/2024 

Edu College Admission Point Score (APS) has officially been released for prospective students to know their eligibility for admission 2023/2024 academic session.

Candidates who applied for admission should kindly make use of this APS Calculator to check their scores. This is important for you to know your stand for admission.


What Does APS Actually Mean?

It means Admission Point Score and it’s a score used by universities to determine the eligibility of prospective students or a score measured out for applicants to be qualified to study a particular course of his/her choice. This is a minimum requirement actually needed by the school to qualify him/her for a course. 

A candidate must know this ahead to actually identify if he/she is not given admission to study the desirable course he/she wanted.

What ASP Do I Really Need to Have?

An APS score of 40 points and above should be a point that candidates should aim at scoring, 37-39 points are not really desirable.

UFS APS 2023/2024

Below is an overview of APS range.

CUT APS Calculation

Below is an example of how APS is calculated:

Matric Subject Symbol APS Score
A 80% – 100% 7
B 70% – 79% 6
C 60% – 69% 5
D 50% – 59% 4
E 40% – 49% 3
F 30% – 39% 2
G 20% – 29% 1

The example below APS is calculated using a student’s matric examination score:

Matric Subject Symbol / Subject Score APS Score
Maths B 6
English D 4
Life science A 7
Religious sci. B 6
Woodwork C 5
Home designs C 5
Language B 6
Total APS 31

The Total APS is gotten from the addition of all APS Score. So this student APS is 31

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