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Academia Stellenbosch Academic Records

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Check Academia Stellenbosch Academic Records

Transcripts from academic work are kept on file at Academia Stellenbosch, along with any collected information.

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Academia Stellenbosch academic Record is an official record of your complete enrolment history at Academia Stellenbosch, including the results you achieved for each course, credit points, Grade Point Average (GPA) for each semester, and the overall GPA for your studies. Academic Transcript/Record is at times one of the Jobs or internships requirements that could disqualify you if you refuse to submit a copy.

Transcripts Keeping Duration

If you do not enroll, according to AACRO requirements, a community college should keep these transcripts for at least one year after the term in which you applied; if you do enroll, it should keep them for at least five years beyond your graduation or last date of attendance.

Academia Stellenbosch Academic Records

Request your Academia Stellenbosch transcript or academic record by following the steps below;

STEP 1: Go to – http://www.academia.co.za,

STEP 2: Navigate and click on Transcript/Academic Records”

STEP 3: Enter Registration Number.

STEP 4: Enter your Password.

STEP 5: Click on “Submit


Once your academic record and transcript are available, you will be notified.
The college reserves the right to charge for the academic record and transcript.

Contact the Academia Stellenbosch for issues or queries You may have encountered, make sure to address the issue

For more information about the, simply drop a comment below and we will do well to respond within 48hrs.

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